Saturday is here! The reviews are in....

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Coutndown to Saturday

Hey y'all!

So Saturday is here. It's real. It exists, and some reviews are in. I thought I'd just leave there here on the table:

Booklist said:

"Bloch’s childlike cartoons cultivate a chaotic atmosphere well matched by Lendler’s playful story of an egocentric child in a carefree world. The contrast between the character’s uncomplicated (but havoc-wreaking) mindset and the weariness of the parents is uproarious. A bittersweet note closes this lively celebration of Saturdays."

And whoever at School Library Journal was reviewing my book must have been enjoying a glass of wine when they wrote this review because I'm positively blushing:

"Saturday is a great day to play and pretend and have fun with family. In this tongue-in-cheek picture book, a boy revels in the joys of the weekend: reading a stack of books with his dad, playing spies with his little brother, and going to birthday parties. Each of the activities he loves, however, has a less enjoyable side for his parents, who are woken up early on their day off and are responsible for the three family meals a day; by dinner, the boys are shown sitting in front of a shoe on a plate as their parents finally put their feet up in the background. Just when it seems like Saturday is finally over, the boy announces, “Tomorrow is Sunday and we can do it all over again!” The juxtaposition of the text and pictures is charming, with the sweet-faced boy blissfully unaware of the work he’s creating for his parents. The simplicity of the retro-looking pencil and digital illustrations perfectly complements the innocence of the main character. Young readers will relate to the joy of a weekend and be tickled by the boy’s antics, and grown-ups will recognize the fun, and the reality, of free time spent with little kids. VERDICT A clever selection that is worth reading, on Saturday or any day of the week. Children will want to pore over the humorous artwork again and again."

Daaaaaaaamn! I'll take that.

By the way, if you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that my feed has been uhhhh "professionalized" a bit by some witty, gorgeous art promoting the Saturday book. For that, I have to give a big old air-kiss (MWAH!) and thank you to the National Laureate of Adorableness and all-around nice person, Salina Yoon. We writers are generally a solipsistic sort, but for some reason, Salina decided to hatch up ideas to help my promote my book and then she actually contributed art! WHO DOES THAT?! Crazy people, that's who.

So there. I said it. Salina Yoon is the nicest, kindest crazy person I've ever met in publishing. Thanks, Salina!

Whoever is reading this, I hope you like the book. Writing it meant a lot to me because it's based slightly (okay, entirely) on my two boys and me. And to have that illustrated by someone as talented as Serge Bloch is an awe-inspiring experience.

Thanks for reading.

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