From Ian Lendler (that's me!) and the international best-selling, award-winning, totally awesome illustrator, Serge Bloch, comes...


Want to know the best things about Saturdays?
Reading books!
Lots and lots of books!
Rocket ship rides to the moon!
Top secret projects (that might not go exactly as planned)! And so much more . . .

Saturdays are the best even if you have to do a chore or two. As a little boy takes us through his typical Saturday, you'll see why he's so passionate about his favorite day of the week.

Oh, and the best thing about Saturdays? When the day ends, it leads into Sundays, and you get to have fun all over again!

Roaring Brook
  • TGI-Saturday!

  • The contrast between the character’s uncomplicated (but havoc-wreaking) mindset and the weariness of the parents is uproarious. A bittersweet note closes this lively celebration of Saturdays.

  • The juxtaposition of the text and pictures is charming… Young readers will relate to the joy of a weekend and be tickled by the boy’s antics, and grown-ups will recognize the fun, and the reality, of free time spent with little kids. A clever selection that is worth reading, on Saturday or any day of the week. Children will want to pore over the humorous artwork again and again.

  • Saturday is pure fun… Lendler and Bloch do best when recalling the [boy-narrator’s] enthusiasm for togetherness. READ MORE