School Events

"Teachers, if you want Shakespeare introduced in an engaging way, this is your dude."
–Gene Luen Yang (author of American Born Chinese, National Ambassador for Young People's Literature)

In the past few years, I have traveled around the United States and the United Kingdom to talk about my love of writing, graphic novels, and tacos.

I've visited hundreds of schools and talked to tens of thousands of children about writing. I'm proud to say that I was recently chosen by the 2015 Miami Book Fair to be part of their Generation Genius Authors Program later this year. I will be a featured presenter at the festival and to schools in the Miami area.

My visits usually cover a variety of topics:


Using the Stratford Zoo series as a guide, along with historical images of old London, I can guide the kids through the world of Shakespeare– his era, his plays, and why he’s considered the greatest writer ever.

The Birth Of A Graphic Novel

Graphic novels are an increasingly popular medium in children’s literature. They’re gaining critical respect with librarians and award committees, but more importantly…kids like them! I can take your students through the entire process of creating a graphic novel from first notes to edits and re-edits (and re-re-re-edits!) to the artist’s thumbnail sketches and then final images. Trust me, nothing will inspire your students more than to see my terrible stick drawings that start it all off. They’ll know they can do better. And they usually go straight back to class and prove it.


A lot of schools feel like their smaller kids (kindergarteners/1st graders) aren't ready for a full hour-long talk. As my kindergarten son would say, "That's not FAIR!" And I agree. So I am more than happy to read one of my picture books to your younger classes.

Want to know what I’m like in front of kids?

Here’s a few examples:

See me read original poetry.

See me play the ukulele.

See me get a whole room of kids to pretend to throw-up!

If you’d like to contact me about your school’s needs or my rates or just to chat about the weather, click here.


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