New Book Coming Not Very Soon

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One Day a Dot

Howdy folks!

So you see that pretty picture up there above these words? Well, if you wait a couple years (until!) then that picture will be part of my newest picture book!

What's it about?'s the entire history of the universe. In 36 pages. Because I'm a humble man and I like to work small. Actually, I'm really really proud of this thing. It's one of the few times that a full idea comes to me completely realized and all I have to do is write it down. Kinda like Yesterday came to Paul McCartney. Except less popular and money-making and certainly with less cuteness than Sir McCartney can muster on the least cute day of life.

The name of this book shall be One Day, A Dot and it shall be Eisner winner-y. Why? Because it's being illustrated by two(!) Eisner winners, Braden Lamb and Shelli Paroline (the awesome illustrators of the awesome Adventure Time series). Anyway, I'm very excited and I definitely think you should hold your breath while waiting for this one to come out, because it'll take three years and that'll definitely be some sort of breath-holding record which will get you into the Guinness Book of World Records. And when they ask you what inspired you to hold your breath for three years, perhaps you can mention me and One Day, A Dot. I'd like that.

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