Midwest Book Reviews loves The Absolutely Positively No Princesses Book

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The Absolutely, Positively No Princesses Book

Man, when you come up with a long title for a book, it seems like a lot of fun. But then, you suddenly find yourself typing it over and over again for titles of articles like this one. Now I kinda yearn for an acronym to save me time. I guess the acronym for this would be TAPNPB. Or maybe TAPPB. Or maybe I can create an acronym for the acronym and simply call it APP. But then people might confuse me with a tech company and demand I code things for them and I can barely post this on my website, so...my point is, here's a nice review of my newest book from the Midwest Book Review:

"Some kids like frills and sparkles and bows and lots of pink. And some don't. The girl who started "The Absolutely, Positively No Princess Book" is sure that she wants a story full of nature and adventure. But when a princess barges into the pages with her own opinions about what makes for a good story, the two learn that they each have something to offer. Together they make the best story of all. A delightfully entertaining picture book for children ages 4 to 9, "The Absolutely, Positively No Princesses Book" will prove to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book collections."