The Absolutely, Positively No Princesses Book

“Hilarious text compliments terrific illustrations in this romp that is sure to be a read-aloud classic for any school, classroom or home library. Your child will laugh and eagerly turn the pages in this clever and ultimately highly gratifying story about friendship.” (Danny Brassell Bestelling author and founder of The Lazy Readers' Book Club)

"This book gets to the heart of what's really important in a zany and engaging way!" (Ilana Locker Director of Library Services, Walworth Barbour American International School)

"A laugh-out-loud tale of a most unlikely friendship, delivered in a fresh and clever format. Witty, endearing, and absolutely, positively charming." (Katherine Applegate author of The One and Only Ivan)

Some kids like frills and sparkles and bows and lots of pink. And some don't. The girl who started "The Absolutely, Positively No Princess Book" is sure that she wants a story full of nature and adventure. But when a princess barges into the pages with her own opinions about what makes for a good story, the two learn that they each have something to offer. Together they make the best story of all.

Illustrations by Deborah Zemke