Hey, Y'all! I'm in Entertainment Weekly!

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One Day a Dot

Due to great laziness, there are looooong gaps between me posting updates. However, every once and a while enough coolness comes along that simply forces me to alert the world:

I'm in EW this week! They did a cover reveal of my picture book that will be coming out in Spring 2018: One Day A Dot.

Here's the link: http://ew.com/books/first-second-spring-2018-cover-reveal/may-22-2018one...

The book will be about the history of...well...everything. The universe (the big bang), life on earth (evolution), and you. And I crammed it all into 36 pages. And thanks to the insane talents of the married dup of Braden Lamb and Shelly Paroline (the Eisner-winning illustrators of Adventure Time), it looks GREAT.

I can't wait for this one.

I'll post more soon, I promise. Not because I'm suddenly less lazy, but simply because there's a lot happening in terms of books coming out, so I'll be forced to!



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