Presenting My Next Picture Book...

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Little Sid, Xanthe Bouma, Ian lendler, Buddha, picture book

Hey y’all!

It’s been…uhh…a long time since I last posted, basically because I’m lazy and the thought of dealing with HTML makes me break out in a cold sweat. On the upside, this ensures that when I do post it’s for a darn good reason.

Today’s Darn Good Reason: I am able to proudly announce that my next picture book will be Little Sid: Tales of a Tiny Buddha, and that it will be published by First Second (aka The Greatest Graphic Novel Publisher Of All Time)!

Before he became the enlightened Buddha, Siddhartha was just a kid like any other, except for the fact that he was a royal prince who is given everything his heart desires. However, this decadent lifestyle soon starts to wear thin and Sid leaves his castle on a journey of self-discovery. Mixing real Buddhist fables with an adventure story, Little Sid will be a fun story that will teach kids some of the basic concepts of Buddhism (although don’t tell them that!).

Of course, it would be remiss of me to not mention the fact that that gorgeous piece of art you see above is created by illustrator Xanthe Bouma. This will be her very first children’s book, but as you can see from the awesomeness of her visuals, she’ll be working in kid’s books for a long time to come.

Right now, Little Sid is slated for a Winter 2017 release, but that may change.

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