Moments From My Week

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–That moment 50 pages into a book when I realize I don’t like it and I want to stop reading but I also think I might be betraying literature and literacy if I put it down.

–That moment when I read a friend’s manuscript and laugh and think, “Crap, that’s WAY better than anything I’ve written this month.”

–That moment in my school visits when the kids realize Romeo & Juliet are about to die and suddenly they get REALLLLLY quiet.

–That moment, partway through a sandwich, when you realize this is an AMAZING sandwich and you wish you could go back and start eating it all over again.

–That moment when you're on your bike and think you're in great shape then you turn around and realize that it was the wind pushing you and now you're a middle-aged man about to have a heart-attack and die.

–That moment when the only beer left in your fridge is all the weird ones left over from a couple of variety 6-packs and now you're thirsty.