The Freedonian


Hello! So…I haven’t always been a children’s writer. I started my career as a humor writer, and in 2001 (along with Jason Eaton and Mike Sacks, two extremely talented writers) I co-founded a website known as The Freedonian. I’m very proud of some of the stuff we wrote; however, none of us wrote with children in mind.

In other words, I worked a bit blue. Very blue, in some cases. Knowing that kids might visit this site, I can’t in good conscience exhibit my work here directly.

However, if you are interested in reading my humor writing, along with the work of other great writers who were working out their style in their early 20s (many of whom have gone on to write for The Daily Show, Conan O’Brien, The Onion, Bob’s Burgers, and on and on), then you could do a lot worse than spend a few hours combing through…