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Notes From The UK (Part 2)

Here’s a story I like to tell from the trip: I visited one prep school that was the fanciest school I have ever seen in my life. It was a castle. Not figuratively. Literally. It was built for a 15th-century Earl. (The picture above is not a stock photo. I took it before my talk.) So anyway…

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Notes From the UK (Part I)

I just got back from England…and boy are my arms tired! Am I right, folks? Hello? Anyone? Sigh…

Creative uses for beer coolers in a flood.

Stormageddon: The true story of what happens when one writer took on a Pineapple Express and lived to kvetch about it.

See that picture up above? That’s me during the storm yesterday. And sadly, that’s not a cooler full of beer, it’s full of rain-water. Rain-water which I’m bailing and dragging out to the street. At this point in the storm, I’ve had to get creative.

Ian Lendler's latest picture book with the artists of Adventure Time!

New Book Coming Not Very Soon

Howdy folks!

So you see that pretty picture up there above these words? Well, if you wait a couple years (until!) then that picture will be part of my newest picture book!

A sneek peek at the cover for The Stratford Zoo Presents Romeo & Juliet (due Sept. 2015)

Sneek Peek: Romeo & Juliet Cover Art

Howdy Folks!

I’ve been getting one question a lot recently: “Are you a big fat liar?”