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A sneek peek at the cover for The Stratford Zoo Presents Romeo & Juliet (due Sept. 2015)

Sneek Peek: Romeo & Juliet Cover Art

Howdy Folks!

I’ve been getting one question a lot recently: “Are you a big fat liar?”

Macbeth: The Yearbook (Lady Macbeth)

Lady Macbeth

Voted: Most Likely To Run A Presidential Campaign

Hobbies: Cleanliness; nagging; calling on the gods to make her a man; knitting doilies

Macbeth: The Yearbook (Det. MacDuff)

Detective MacDuff

Nickname: “Mr. Righteous;” “Dude Ex Machina”

Favorite dish: Revenge (served cold, but of course)

Yearbook quotes: “Hey, where’d my family go?”

Macbeth: The Yearbook (Banksy)


Nickname: “Sidekick McGee”

Position: Thane, whatever that is

Voted: Most Likely To Be Overlooked

Macbeth: The Yearbook (Macbeth)


Nickname: “Old Pushover”

Hobbies: Mongering (war, power, sandwiches, etc.),

Turn-ons: Pushy Women

Turn-offs: Pushy Women

Mental State: A bit iffy