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A lovely review from Kirkus for ONE DAY A DOT

You don't often get reviews this nice, especially from Kirkus *cough cough*. In particular, this was written by Julie Danielson, who if you don't know her, is worth following.

Ian Lendler, Braden Lamb, Shelli Paroline, First Second, evolution, picture book

Hey, Y'all! I'm in Entertainment Weekly!

Due to great laziness, there are looooong gaps between me posting updates. However, every once and a while enough coolness comes along that simply forces me to alert the world:

Saturday is here! The reviews are in....

Hey y'all!

So Saturday is here. It's real. It exists, and some reviews are in. I thought I'd just leave there here on the table:

Booklist said:

Salina Yoon, Serge Bloch, Saturday, Ian Lendler, picture book

Sometimes this happens...

Being a writer is lonely, poorly-paid, frustrating, ego-crushing, time-consuming, unappreciated, overwhelming, OCD-inducing, enervating, daily-grinding, and sometimes-you-work-for-a-whole-year-on-a-book-and-it-doesn't-sell-and-you-think-"oh no I've wasted my life"-ing.

Moments From My Week

–That moment 50 pages into a book when I realize I don’t like it and I want to stop reading but I also think I might be betraying literature and literacy if I put it down.