The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents: Shakespeare’s Macbeth

• New York Public Library Top 100 Children’s Books 2014
• Black-Eyed Susan Award Nominee, Maryland Public Library
• Top 50 Elementary Books 2015, Utah Librarian Association
• Maine Librarian Book Award

The Stratford Zoo looks like a normal zoo... until the gates shut at night. That's when the animals come out of their cages to stage elaborate performances of Shakespeare's greatest works.

They might not be the most accomplished thespians, but they've got what counts – heart.

Also fangs, feathers, scales, and tails.

With amazing illustrations by Zack Giallongo (Broxo, Ewoks– Shadows of Endor), this is a Macbeth that can be enjoyed by the whole flock, pack, or family. So take your seats and prepare for Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy as you’ve never seen it– funny! And with tacos!

The Stratford Zoo: Macbeth

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“There was blood and dead bodies everywhere. Delicious!”
–Roger the Vulture

“I’d give it two thumbs up, but my mom told me the other kids are getting jealous of my opposable thumbs.”
–Agnes the Monkey

“I was promised heroes and swordfights and all I got was an examination of the tragic flaws of human nature. Boooo!”
–Dylan the Monkey

“This innovative and intelligent reimagining hits all the notes of the Bard’s famous play yet manages to put enough of a spin on it to keep it fresh and novel…Those too young to appreciate the original play will certainly grasp this cleverly anthropomorphized, lushly envisioned graphic romp, not realizing how effectively they are being set up for the original later on.”
Kirkus Reviews (starred review) READ MORE

“One sign of promise is when an idea seems so obvious that it’s a wonder it hasn’t done before. A midnight zoo production of Macbeth, by animals for animals? Of course!... Like any fine comic idea, once the structure is put into place, the laughs come effortlessly. This is the Bard at his broadest.”
Publisher’s Weekly (starred review) READ MORE

“With its gruesome murders, Macbeth might not seem the most obvious of Shakespeare’s plays to be adapted into a children’s graphic novel, but by placing the play as a story within a story, Lender and Giallongo make it work…[This] is a delightful introduction to the Bard’s work that won’t overwhelm young readers.”
School Library Journal